Shadow Bait dba Crowes Bait warehouse is located in the beautiful Willamette Valley area of Milwaukie, Oregon approximately 15 minutes drive to Portland’s International Airport. Crowes Bait is Portland’s finest fish store when it comes to fresh bait and fresh fish for your family.

These businesses have been established for a number of years. One word that sums up our success is accountability to our customers. To find, field test, and establish the correct connections to find the best bait products available on the market today at a reasonable rate. Holding these businesses accountable for their products so only the finest quality baits make it into our accounts so the buyer, the sportsperson, benefits.

Whether it’s the highly sought after Willamette area night crawlers, the Pacific Salmon Roe, or 23% oil in our whole or filleted Sardines, the Pacific Northwest Sportsperson has the best chance to successfully fill his or her tag or creel. The employees here at the warehouse know it’s true, we witnessed a 30% increase in sales this year and are projecting a 30% increase next year. Being a leader in the industry, always looking to establish and listen to our clients makes a recipe with the right ingredients to form success. We have marine fish for sale and when it comes to bait we have the most fresh fishing bait for sale.